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Scientific Disorder

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“Scientific Disorder”

One day I put those words as my BBM status. 15 minutes later, one of my BBM’s friend in my BBM list ask, “Apaan tuh Scientific Disorder?”

Well, actually didn’t even know why I put those words, or why exactly I created those words. I know my friend didn’t ask the literal meaning words by words.

“Too much imagination for being scientist I guess. Maybe. I just don’t know” :D, that was my answer.

I always imagine if I were a scientist. Kinda cool if I can create something or solve case trough science. Yes indeed. My imagination is far too active 😀

I play some games on my iPod Touch, one of the game is titled Virtual Villagers. I need to solve several puzzles to keep the villagers alive and survive at their village. From 16 puzzles, there’s only one puzzle left that I can’t figure out how to solve it from iTouch, – already figure it out trough iMac – but the worst thing is, this game came into my dreams many times… hahaha feels like I have an obligation to help their life. Nonsense!

Those villagers are required to have certain skills and ability to maintain their village; to create food, having a baby; build huts; build school; etc.
One of the skills is SCIENTIST. Even at the village they have their own scientist. What a game?

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS), and Bones are my favorite American drama TV show which endorses scientist action. The forensic science would help US police department to investigate and solve cases. I know this sounds silly, it just a movie scene – don’t take it seriously. But again, seriously I wondered, do they – US – have a real CSI? I bet they have.

This is the moron impact of those dramas TV on me, I would like to become one of those forensic scientists in the police investigation and work in their laboratories crime investigation.

But wait! Hell no! I pull back my willingness. Once I become one of them, maybe I’m gonna be the SCIENTIST DISORDER, instead of solving the cases 😀

I don’t know why I have this idea to put it into my writing. The idea of too many disorder things come inside my thought and sight 😀

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