The Mirroring of Life

Beloved Sister

In Uncategorized on 18/10/2011 at 9:30 am

Dear Putri (@putribolawi),

It is a blessing to have you as my sister. The only sister I have.

We may not always together, life sometimes keep us apart, but in so many ways we can always be in each other’s heart.

Trough any kind of arguing we’ve made, but the real message from it is always: I Love You and You Love Me too.

Today is your day. Make it precious for you.

Succeed your life on your way, don’t forget for grateful every single things to Allah. He already gave you many blessing that we can’t count one by one each time, so may praise Him upon your special day.

Nevertheless, Ibu is also part of your blessing from Allah. She struggling for you to make you happened in this life. Give her warmth kisses and hugs while saying thank you for giving you a birth.

Happy Birthday My Beloved Sister… ☺

Me and Putri 🙂

  1. Your sister should be proud to have you ! 🙂

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