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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

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Vietnam – Summer Forever

Tidung Island, Jakarta – Summer Forever

Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali Island – Summer Forever

Tanjung Benoa Island, Bali – Summer Forever


Why I Blog?

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Why I blog?

The idea of having a blog is where I can put my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and many more.

Why I blog? Why I put the idea of writing this? It came up from The daily Post at idea.

Why I blog? Why not write the book or diary so no one could see your thought? Ehm, I do this only with certain person 😀

Why not share it by Twitter? Facebook? Twitter could be, but not on Facebook. I am no longer be Facebookers for several years.

Twitter gives a lot of chirping which is quite useful (it depends on who you follow). We can get a lot information and ideas for updating your blog.

Idea of blogging came up from everywhere, someone, and could be anything to share. Mine is “mostly” from my own life and people surround me. Somehow, even though I’m trying to tell about my story, it is difficult to find a good words to put to make readers relish for what I wrote. Hence we are bloggers required to create good and proper words so that readers get into our writing.

But how? How to get an idea other than twitter? Morning coffee? This could be one idea that may give you ideas themselves.

Several days ago, I went alone to sit and have two tall coffees (not at the same time) just to observe the people who in large – crowd come to Starbucks carrying tumbler (me myself also brought tumbler :D)

Me and my Tumbler

What went wrong with the tumbler at that day? In Starbucks Indonesia, on 22nd every month you’ll get a 50% discount for beverages, by carrying your tumbler, but only Starbucks’ tumbler. Others are not allowed 😀

You will be willing to queue long to obtain half price beverages on that day. Who wouldn’t be? If you have your own tumbler, you’ll do the same thing right? This is discount matter Madam, back off 😀 😀 😀

On that day, quiet Starbucks? Hell no 🙂

The idea of giving a half price by carrying your own tumbler is to reduce use the paper and plastic cup. One of the behavior way to save our planet.

Well, have any ideas from your morning coffee? Or do you have an idea why you are blogging?

I have plenty, but I’ll have myself submerged in a book to dig up for words.

Happy blogging Readers 🙂

Vietnam. Anyone?

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“the world is a book

and those who do not


read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

Catedral Church - Saigon

Catedral Church – Saigon

Opera Building – Saigon

Nguyὲn Van Binh Street – Vietnam

Nguyὲn Van Binh Street – Vietnam

Hotel Continental – Saigon

Gửi Văn Phòng (Post Office) – Saigon

Ngân Hàng (One of the central bank) – Saigon

Xích Lô (Pedicab) – Saigon

Biển Báo Dường (Road Sign) – Saigon

Vũ Khí Phòng Trưng Bày (Weapon Gallery) – Saigon

Xe Tăng (Tank) – Cu Chi Tunnel – Siagon

Bị Mắc Kẹt (Stuck) – Saigon

Cầu Nguyện (Pray) – Pagoda Temple – Saigon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

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This picture was taken at Tyas & Angga Pre Wedding on December 2011. Now they got married, hopefully happily ever after  🙂

Enjoy the picture 🙂

building trust or sustain trust

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“building trust 


sustain trust”


which one 

is harder?

May 13th, 2012

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For something

I couldn’t say,

for something

I’d rather be alone,

for something is

better left unsaid nor written”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused

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This is my first entry in Weekly Photo Challenge, and this week topic is Unfocused.

This photo was taken at Surabaya Street, Jakarta, Indonesia. You can find many antiques stuffs from many years ago, all of these coins were one of those antiques stuff you may find there.

This second and the third photos was taken at MU Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This group band, Shore is friend of mine.

Lagu Lama, Sampul Baru

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Jadi ceritanya gue iseng motret kegiatan Hari Buruh, 1 Mei 2012 di Jakarta, tepatnya di area Jakarta Pusat – Selatan. Kepengen tau apa yang sebenernya temen – temen buruh ini perjuangin setiap tahunnya. Padahal liat di Twitter, internet, liat tv juga bisa ya, tapi gue pengen banget ketemu sama nara sumbernya langsung (hahahaha cem jurnalis)

Maunya sih wawancara mereka, ya paling ga 3 – 4 orang buruh dari perusahaan yang berbeda, tapi gue dapetnya cuma satu hehehehe, ya gpp lah ya buat jurnalis jadi – jadian cem gue gini 😀

Sebutlah si Bapak RD, salah satu buruh di kota industri MM2100, Bekasi, beliau ga mau nyebut namanya, alhasil tadi gue ngobrol juga agak belibet, plus ditambah gue gagap, belum lagi ga tahu sebenernya apa yang mau gue tanya hahahahaha, tapi inti dari obrolan gue sama si Bapak adalah, para buruh ini menuntut JAMINAN KESEJAHTERAAN, JAMINAN PENSIUN, MENGHAPUS SISTEM OUTSOURCING, dan MENJADIKAN 1 MEI HARI LIBUR NASIONAL (negara – negara besar lainnya libur pada tanggal ini)

Jadiiii, setahu yang gue baca dari bermacam – macam media dan hari ini dari Pak RD, hampir setiap tahun mereka menyuarakan hal yang hampir sama. Salah satunya jaminan kesejahteraan. Artinya, setiap tahun tidak ada perubahan yang signifikan dari pemerintah untuk para temen – temen buruh ini.

“Lagu Lama, Sampul Baru”

Temen – temen buruh ga akan bosen menyenandungkan lagu (baca: aspirasi) lama mereka sampai pendengar (baca: pemerintah) mau beli album lama & album baru mereka, yang notabene isinya lagu lama dan penambahan beberapa lagu baru.

I ain’t judging this government has a bad system (even though we all know how bad our government system does), but why they really enjoying this kind of situation. Situation where people shouting government as the dalang of  how bad the system this country has.

Where all those taxes running out for?

Where all those promises they shouting out during the election?

Where where where…. *ayu ting ting*

Obrolan gue sama Pak RD harus berakhir karena rombongan temen – teman buruhnya sudah kembali konvoi menuju Istana Merdeka. Semoga aja lagu lama dan lagu baru temen – temen buruh ini ga cuma sekedar didengar, tapi juga di beli albumnya dan di realisasikan. Dan doa Ibu selalu menyertai kita. Amen.

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